ROKA is one of the most advanced network calculation software for the simulation of gas, water and district heating networks.
tasks Logo Design
client RZVN Wehr GmbH
ROKA Logo and Construction Grid
ROKA Logo and Construction Grid

Roka3 becomes ROKA. Even though the numeration with the '3' was not longer accurate, the decision to change the name was not easy, bacause the software was already well known under the name Roka3. However, in the light of the plans to expand the software to a software family, it was decided.
Most important USP is a very intuitive UI, while still beeing highly customisable. The new Logo communicates ease of use while portraing a cycle, symbol for the of networks that are being calculated. It is an abstract shape to enable the extension to a Logo System.

Logo System for ROKA, RIKA and CityCockpit
Logo System for ROKA, RIKA and CityCockpit

Logo Family for Software Family

Additional to ROKA the software family has two other siblings: RIKA and CityCockpit.
RIKA is designed for Risk Managament Calculation. City Cockpit is a tool for wider municipal planning, extending the Technical aspects of ROKA to other structures, like social.


The production of the Website is still in progress.
It is developed in a custom wordpress theme using Timber and Tailwind.
As soon as there is a public version, this article will update.