Services, Process and Tools


I offer planing, creation and production of visual communication, for print as well as for screen design.

Branding & Identity

  • Logo Design
  • Brand Typography
  • Color Concept
  • Design Manuals

Web Design / Development

  • UI & Web Design
  • Responsive Development
  • Design Systems
  • WordPress

Content Creation

  • Icons
  • Illustration
  • Animation



I. Planning

In the beginning i get to know your product/brand/idea.

  • What do you want to communicate?
  • To whom?
  • And how should it feel like?

In this stage, we define goals and mission success.
We create a list of deliverables and a set milestones.

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II. Creation

The creative process is a process of many iterations.
The drafts that work are then presented.

Now it is time for feedback:

  • Can you make it more/less serious ?
  • We love the colors!
  • Can you make the logo bigger? ;)

Changes are applied. You can have as many rounds of revision as you want, the first two are included in the offer.

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III. Production

Once the presentation is cleared for production, all deliverables are being produced.

Below is a list of a couple of tools and technologies, that i like to use.



Usually i recommend wordpress as plattform, because it offers easy ways to manage the content for the client. Also, since it is such a popular plattform, there are plugins for everthing, so the functionality of the website can be expanded with only small extra costs in time and money.

Illustration and Sketching

Pen and paper are always the starting point. It has a intuitive connection to the mind, that digital tools just dont provide for me. Later in creation, and at the very least, in production, digital tools are welcome and necessary.

  • Pro Create for Ipad - a very intuitive tool for sketching and thinking with a pen, second best only to actual pen and paper.
  • Adobe Illustrator


  • After Effects - the industry standard
  • Blender - a free and open source tool for 3d creation and animation.