Mockup of Seven Summits Arbitration communication material
Seven Summits Arbitration Website and Stationary

Seven Summits Arbitration

Seven Summits Arbitration (7SA) is a disputes specialist firm dedicated to international arbitration.
tasks Brand Design, Illustration, Web Design, Web Development
client Seven Summit Arbitration

Branding Goals & Solution

Seven Summits Arbitration were looking for a classic look, when they were starting out with their own firm. Although being relativly young, they wanted the long years of experience they nevertheless had, show on first sight. So we choose the font 'Noe Text', a sharp antiqua with a modern edge, and carefully selected a warm shade of blue 'himmiblau', that freshens the classic look.


All Printmatter for 7SA sports 'himmiblau', bavarian for sky-blue, a blue Pantone Color, which allows for a much more saturated color than process print colors, especialy when it comes to blue.

7SA stationary and end of year card
7SA stationary and end of year card


The Website was created with a custom Wordpress theme.

7SA - Website
7SA - Website